Sea-level equation benchmark study


The purpose of this web page is to describe the procedures and progress of a benchmark study dealing with the implementation of the sea-level equation (SLE) into the glacial-isostatic adjustment (GIA) problem.

In summary, our aim is to compare results from various modeling procedures that determine the GIA response to a prescribed ice load history and a self-consistent ocean load due to the sea-level equation. For this calculation, the earth is approximated by a Maxwell visco-elastic sphere with a radially-variable viscosity structure. The ice load and the glaciation and deglaciation history is approximated by an ice cap similar to the Laurentide ice sheet. More details about the ice load history can be found on the following page. The implementation of the SLE is done step wise. First we compare results for the ice load only. In the following steps we use more and more complex approximations for solving the SLE. The different approximations are described in the test settings.

This benchmark study, specially the first test, is closely related to another benchmark study, that concentrates on the 1D GIA problem.

More details about this benchmark study, the procedures and progress, can be found on following pages:

We welcome all groups and individuals that are working in this field to contribute to this study. If you are interested in taking part, or have additional comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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