The Fourth International Conference on Urban Air Quality - Measurement, Modelling and Management

The conference took place at the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic on 25th–27th March 2003. It was preceded by A Special Meeting on Atmospheric Science Research: Achievements, New Developments and Future Directions at the same place on 24th March 2003. The main organizer of this conference was the Institute of Physics, London, information about further collaborating institutes and organizations can be found at the web site of the conference where one can also find more details about this meeting. As it follows from the second part of the conference’s name the spectrum of participants was really broad including all those who are professionally interested in various aspects of urban air quality problems spanning from physicists, mathematicians and chemists to those working in decision making process on various levels.

Thanks to the EC that supports the project MAGMA, it was possible to promote the participation of five scientists at this conference from the MAGMA activity funding. The support consists in daily allowances covering the whole period of their stay at the conference and travel costs. All of the promoted participants that are listed below presented either oral presentation or poster at the conference:

Last edited May 12, 2003