8th European Workshop of Numerical Modeling of Mantle Convection and Lithospheric Dynamics

Castle of Hruba Skala, September 13-18, 2003. Co-organized with the Geophysical Institute, Czech Acad. Sci.

Four main topics of the workshop were: (i) subduction slabs and related topics, (ii) mantle convection and chemical mixing, (iii) plumes and related phenomena, and (iv) postglacial rebound. The meeting aimed at bringing together leading personalities focussed on modeling lithosphere and mantle dynamics, along with young scientists just entering the field (almost one half of 96 participants were PhD students or postdocs). The interdisciplinary links, one of the major concerns of the MAGMA projects, were emphasized. The environmental problems were also addressed (global warming, sea-level changes, even crustal deformation and its relation to nuclear waste deposits). The workshop was an excellent platform for finishing old and starting new benchmarks, informing about PhD and postdoc positions; preparing new, either formalized or informal projects; creating new links, etc. The financial support from MAGMA budget was used for 37 participants: the foreign members of the organizing committee, for most of the invited speakers and for selected students.

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