Workshop on Climate Change Impacts in Central and Eastern Europe (CECILIA)

Prague, October 10-11, 2005

Workshop on "Climate Change Impacts in Central and Eastern Europe", Prague, October 10-11, 2005. The 21 participants had 7 presentations and many working discussions. A lot of effort was invested into preparation of the proposal of project CECILIA, now already accepted, see below. Intensive work on networking European researchers included three major tasks:
(i) Continuation of the participation on 6FP Integrated Project ENSEMBLES (ENSEMBLE-based Predictions of Climate Changes and their Impacts) dealing with regional climate changes and their impacts on Europe using multi-model ensembles prediction and regional climate simulation with high resolution. Department of Meteorology and Environment Protection (DMEP) is involved in this project (PI Halenka).
(ii) In March 2005, 6FP Integrated Project QUANTIFY launched dealing with quantifying the impact of emission from transportation on climate change. It is related both with the WP7 and WP8 of the MAGMA Center. DMEP is involved in this project as well (PI Halenka, member of Steering Committee of the Project, Co-leader of activity AC2).
(iii) Based on cooperation and connections started under MAGMA Center, proposal CECILIA (Central and Eastern Europe Climate Change Impact and Vulnerability Assessment, 16 partners from 11 countries) was finished in October 2005 and submitted for the last (4th) 6FP call. The project is coordinated by the WP7 leader (T. Halenka) at the Charles University Prague. Accepted, now in the negotiation stage.

Last edited Feb 24, 2006