Education outreach achievements in 2003

PhD Theses

T. T. Nam: A semi-Lagrangian semi-implicit limiter-area forecast model (supervisor: M. Batka)
V. Plicka: Modeling of finite-extent seismic sources by empirical Green's functions (supervisor: J. Zahradnik)
F. Vana: Le schema d’advection semi-Lagrangienne avec attenuation controlee – une formulation alternative de la diffusion horizontale non-lineaire dans un modele numerique de prevision du temps; in French/Czech (supervisor: M. Batka)
J. Velimsky: Electromagnetic induction and heterogeneous Earth’s mantle: time-domain modeling (supervisor: Z. Martinec)

MSc Theses

M. Belda: Adaptation of photochemical smog model for actual situations; in Czech (supervisor T. Halenka)
J. Beran: Modeling of mesosynoptical scale; in Czech (supervisor J. Brechler)
P. Kolinsky: Dispersion of seismic surface waves along selected Eurasian paths; in Czech (supervisor O. Novotny)
L. Kostal: Free oscillations of maxwellian models of the Earth; in Czech (supervisor C. Matyska)
H. Kyznarova: Radar observation of tornadas; in Czech (supervisor P. Novak)
R. Lechner: Atmospheric radiative transfer, trace gases and aerosols; in Czech (supervisor T. Halenka)
P. Skalak: Global ocean – An important part of the climate system; in Czech (supervisor J. Kalvova)

BSc Theses

J. Mazanek: Algorithms for radar detection of dangerous meteorological phenomena; in Czech (supervisor J. Kracmar)
M. Sova: Vertical profiles of wind velocity in boundary layer; in Czech (supervisor J. Bednar)
K. Svehlova: Evapotranspiration in the lower Ohre river basin; in Czech (supervisor I. Sladek)

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