Education outreach achievements in 2004

PhD Theses

J. Miksovsky: On some meteorological applications of nonlinear time series analysis methods (supervisor: A. Raidl)
R. Mladek: Study of indirect influence of orographic obstacles in numerical weather prediction models (supervisor: T. Halenka)
K. Potuzniková: Modelling of atmospheric boundary layer processes and their interactions woth fog and low-level clouds development (supervisor: J. Bednar)

MSc Theses

M. Behounkova: Seismic tomographic enversion of synthetic data (supervisor: H. Cizkova)
P. Burian: Processing of weather doppler data in a digital radar receiver (supervisor: P. Novak)
Z. Chladova: The observed changes of selected climate characteristics (supervisor: J. Kalvova)
P. Huszar: Use of MM5 for the purpose of simulation of atmospheric processes on smaller scales (supervisor: T. Halenka)
L. Inovecky: Postglacial relaxation of the Earth's models in a cylindrical geometry (supervisor: C. Matyska)
M. Pauer: The gravity field of Venus and its relationship to the dynamic processes in the mantle (supervisor: O. Cadek)
T. Pergler: Postseismic relaxation of the Earth's models with maxwellian rheology (supervisor: C. Matyska)
H. Sedenkova: The estimate of spreading of ground concentration from the line source in the urban build-up area and in the open landscape (supervisor: Z. Kanour)
P. Zacharov: Diagnostic and prognostic convection precursors (supervisor: J Bednar)

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