Seminář o aktuálních problémech v oblasti seismického výzkumu Země.

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Zimní semestr / Winter term 2022/23

 7. 10. J. Burjánek, M. Labuta, J. Doubravová, J. Klicpera (IG CAS)
Seismic characterization of maar craters: on the track of bioinduced tremors, an empirical study
14. 10. J. Zahradník (FMP CUNI)
Multi-type faulting and non-double-couple earthquakes − a review
21. 10. Slot available
28. 10. No seminar (public holiday)
 4. 11. J. Premus, F. Gallovič (FMP CUNI)
Comparative analysis of results from dynamic source inversions with different friction laws
11. 11. N. Najafipour, J. A. P. Huerta, Ch. Sippl (IG CAS)
Machine learning applied to seismic phase picking and seismic phase association
18. 11. Slot available
25. 11. K. Máthis et al. (FMP CUNI and ELTE Budapest)
Dislocation avalanches in metals: Earthquakes on the micron scale
 2. 12. J. Vackář (IRSM CAS)
BayesISOLA: A new version of the code and its applications
 9. 12. J. Doubravová, J. Horálek, D. Konrádová, T. Fischer (IG CAS and FS CUNI)
Mapping brittle-ductile boundary on Reykjanes Peninsula, SW Iceland − working seminar
16. 12. P. Štěpančíková (IRSM CAS)
Theology of earthquakes
 6.  1. V. Peřestý (CGS and FS CUNI)
Fault systems, geology for seismologists − working seminar

Seminars are held on Fridays from 2:00 p.m. Attendance in person is preferable; remote participation is possible via MS Teams. The presentations in English should last approximately 1 hour, possibly followed by a discussion (possibly also in Czech). Working seminars report preliminary results, and broader active participation of the audience is welcome. Please consider proposing your presentation in the available slots.