Martina Ulvrova
Ph.D. ENS de Lyon
Postdoctoral fellow at Laboratoire de Geologie de Lyon, Claude Bernard University, Villeurbanne, France


Laboratoire de Geologie de Lyon (UMR 5276)
Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1
la Doua, bat Geode
2, rue Raphael Dubois

Research Interests

  • Physics of the Earth and planets, Structure and dynamics of the Earth's interior, Earth's thermal history, Early evolution of the Earth and planets, Chemical/thermal equilibration, Geophysical fluid dynamics, Solid-liquid interactions, Convection coupled with melting and solidification
  • Volcanic tsunamis, Natural hazards, Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Assessment, Underwater Explosions
  • Surface tectonics, Mantle convection, Initiation of Subduction, Mantle Rheology


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    [3] Martina Ulvrová, Stéphane Labrosse, Nicolas Coltice, Peter Råback, and Paul J. Tackley. Numerical modelling of convection interacting with a melting and solidification front: Application to the thermal evolution of the basal magma ocean. Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 206:51-66, September 2012. [ bib | DOI ]
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    Hana Cizkova
    Fabien Dubuffet
    Ed Garnero
    Gregor Golabek
    Ladislav Hanyk
    Stephane Labrosse
    Paraskevi Nomikou
    Yanick Ricard
    Ondrej Sramek
    Paul Tackley
    Jakub Velimsky

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