Miroslav Hallo

Department of Geophysics
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Charles University

V Holesovickach 2
182 00 Praha 8
Czech Republic

e-mail: hallo@karel.troja.mff.cuni.cz

phone (office): (+420) 95155 2527

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Uncertainty of Earth's crust model in waveform-based earthquake source inversions
Open source functions for determining the covariance matrix of Green's functions by approximate covariance functions (ACF, AXCF) and stationarized approximate covariance functions (SACF, SAXCF). Methodology following Hallo and Gallovič (2016).
Bayesian earthquake hypocenter location from direct P and S-waves arrival times
Open source MatLab functions for assessment of the earthquake hypocenter location by grid search method in the homogeneous or 1D layered medium. The inverse problem is build in the Bayesian probabilistic framework by Tarantola (2005, Chapter 7.1). Methodology following Hallo et al. (2019).
Major and Minor DC MT decomposition preserving the dominant P- or T-axis
Open source functions for decomposition of non-DC MTs with preserved dominant P- or T-axis and plotting trinity of beach-balls. The dominant axis direction is preserved for both the major and minor DC MTs. Methodology following Hallo et al. (2017, 2019).
Plot PT-axes into polar diagram and the triangle diagram
Open source MatLab functions for plotting PT-axes into polar diagram, and triangle diagram (Frohlich 1992) of DC focal mechanisms. For details see Hallo et al. (2019).