Miroslav Hallo - Software

Major and Minor DC MT decomposition preserving the dominant PT-axis

Open source Matlab functions for decomposition of non-DC MTs with preserved dominant P- or T-axis. The dominant axis direction is preserved for both the major and minor DC MTs. The Python script can be used for plotting of the trinity of beach-balls.

Codes are published under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) for non-commercial use.

Methodology following:
  • Hallo, M., Asano, K., Gallovic, F. (2017): Bayesian inference and interpretation of centroid moment tensors of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake sequence, Kyushu, Japan, Earth, Planets and Space, 69:134.
  • Hallo, M., Opršal, I., Asano, K., Gallovič, F. (2019): Seismotectonics of the 2018 Northern Osaka M6.1 earthquake and its aftershocks: joint movements on strike-slip and reverse faults in inland Japan, Earth, Planets and Space, 71:34.


MATLAB (revision 12/2018):
  • MajMinDC.zip - Zip package containing all Matlab codes for computing Major and Minor DC decomposition from a given non-DC MT.
PYTHON (revision 12/2018):
  • MajMinDC_plot.py - Python subroutine for plotting and saving trinity of beach-balls.


The codes do not require any additional MatLab Toolboxes
The codes were tested on various versions of MatLab software, and it should work without any problems even on older versions. Tested versions: Matlab 2012b 32-bit (Windows 7), Matlab 2018b 64-bit (Windows 7). However, the codes are aimed for the latest versions of Matlab (versions after 2015).
The code was tested and works on both Python 2.7.6 and Python 3.4.3 under Ubuntu 14 operation system (it requires a graphical desktop environment, e.g. MATE).