Jiri Zahradnik

Professor of Geophysics


Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Geophysics.
Mail address: KG MFF UK, V Holesovickach 2, 180 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic
Phone: (+420-2) 2191 2546
FAX: (+420-2) 2191 2555
E-mail: jz@karel.troja.mff.cuni.cz



·        ISOLA code to calculate centroid moment tensors


My most recent updates: http://geo.mff.cuni.cz/~jz/for_Costa_Rica/


Publications (status November 2018):

·        91 papers in reviewed journals (according WoS)

·        of about 90 papers in conference proceedings and reports

·        1164 citations (according WoS, without self-citations)

·         H-index: 22 


Personal data and positions held:

·        Born June 11, 1947 in Prague; Czech nationality

·        1966-1970: Studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University Prague

·        1970: RNDr degree (equivalent to MSc)

·        1976: CSc degree (equivalent to PhD)

·        2001: DrSc degree

·        1970: Research assistant

·        1975: Assistant professor

·        1992: Associate professor

·        1993-2006: Head of the Department of Geophysics

·        2006-2010: Vice-Head of the Department of Geophysics

·        2006- present: Professor of Geophysics



Papers (after 2005):


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·        Zahradník, J., E. Sokos, V. Plicka (2018). Zakynthos 25/10/2018, Mw 6.8 earthquake: Superposition of strike-slip and thrust? Report to EMSC. PDF

·        Carvalho, J., L. V. Barros, and J. Zahradnik (2018). Inversion for focal mechanisms using waveform envelopes and inaccurate velocity models: Examples from Brazil. Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., XX, doi: 10.1785/0120180119 PDF

·        Liu J, Li L., Zahradník J, Sokos E, Liu C., Tian X. (2018). North Korea’s 2017 test and its nontectonic aftershock. Geophys. Res. Lett. 45. https://doi.org/10.1002/2018GL077095 PDF Supplement

·        Junqing Liu, Li Li, Jiří Zahradník, Efthimios Sokos, Vladimír Plicka; Generalized Source Model of the North Korea Tests 2009–2017. Seismological Research Letters ; 89 (6): 2166–2173. doi: Liu, J., L. Li, J. Zahradník, E. Sokos, V. Plicka (2018). Generalized Source Model of the North Korea Tests 2009–2017. Seis. Res. Lett. 89(6), 2166–2173. doi: https://doi.org/10.1785/0220180106  PDF Supplement

·        Matos, C., Custódio, S., Batlló, J., Zahradník, J., Arroucau, P., Silveira, G., & Heimann, S. (2018). An active seismic zone in intraplate west Iberia inferred from high-resolution geophysical data. J. Geophys. Res. (Solid Earth), 123, 2885–2907, https://doi.org/10.1002/2017JB015114  PDF

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·        Ezzelarab, M., M. O. Ebraheem, J. Zahradník (2018). A recent Mw 4.3 earthquake proving activity of a shallow strike-slip fault in the northern part of the Western Desert, Egypt. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 139, 275-282.  PDF

·        Zahradník, J. and E. Sokos (2018). Fitting waveform envelopes to derive focal  mechanisms of moderate earthquakes. Seismol. Res. Lett. 89, 1137-1145. doi:10.1785/0220170161 PDF

·        Zahradník, J., and E. Sokos (2018). ISOLA code for multiple-point source modeling –review. In: “Moment Tensor Solutions - A Useful Tool for Seismotectonics” (S. D'Amico, Ed.), Springer. PDF

·        Turhan, F., M.D. Cambaz, and J. Zahradník (2018). The significance of the crustal velocity model in moment tensor solutions: A case study of Yedisu earthquakes. In: “Moment Tensor Solutions - A Useful Tool for Seismotectonics” (S. D'Amico, Ed.), Springer. PDF



·        Sokos, E., and J. Zahradník (2017). Lesvos June 12, 2017, Mw 6.3 event, a quick study of the source. PDF

·       Vackář, J., J. Burjánek, F. Gallovič, J. Zahradník, and J. Clinton (2017). Bayesian ISOLA: new tool for automated centroid moment tensor inversion. Geophys. J. Int., 210, 693–705. PDF

·       González, O'Leary, V. Clouard, and J. Zahradnik (2017). Moment tensor solutions along the central Lesser Antilles using regional broadband stations. Tectonophysics, 717, 214–225. PDF

·       Zahradník, J.,  H. Čížková, C.R. Bina, E. Sokos, J. Janský, H. Tavera, J. Carvalho (2017). A recent deep earthquake doublet in light of long-term evolution of Nazca subduction. Sci. Rep., 7, 45153; doi: 10.1038/srep45153  PDF Supplement



·        Křížová, D., Zahradník, J., Kiratzi, A. (2016). Possible indicator of a strong isotropic earthquake component: Example of two shallow earthquakes in Greece. Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., 106, 2784-2795. PDF

·        Dias, F., J. Zahradník, and M. Assumpcao (2016). Path-specific, dispersion-based velocity models and moment tensors of moderate events recorded at few distant stations: Examples from Brazil and Greece.  Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 71, 344-358 PDF  Supplement

·        Villegas, R., Zahradnik, J., Nacif, S., Spagnotto, S., Winocur, D., and Leiva, F. (2016). Waveform inversion and focal mechanisms of two weak earthquakes in Cordillera Principal (Argentina) between 35° and 35.5° S, Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 71, 359-369; doi: 10.1016/j.jsames.2015.12.001. PDF

·        Carvalho, J., L.V. Barros, and J. Zahradník (2016). Focal mechanisms and moment magnitudes of micro-earthquakes in central Brazil by waveform inversion with quality assessment and inference of the local stress field. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 71, 333-343. PDF

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·        Sokos, E., J. Zahradník, F. Gallovič, A. Serpetsidaki, V. Plicka, and A. Kiratzi (2016). Asperity break after 12 years: The Mw6.4 2015 Lefkada (Greece) earthquake.  Geophys. Res. Lett., 43, 6137–6145; doi:10.1002/2016GL069427.   PDF   Supplement

·          Fojtíková, L., M. Kristeková, J. Málek, E. Sokos, K. Csicsay, J. Zahradník (2016), Quantifying capability of a local seismic network in terms of locations and focal mechanism solutions of weak earthquakes. J. of Seismology, 20, 93-106; doi 10.1007/s10950-015-9512-1. PDF



·          Zahradník, J., L. Fojtíková, J. Carvalho, L.V. Barros, E. Sokos, J. Janský (2015). Compromising polarity and waveform constraints in focal-mechanism solutions; the Mara Rosa 2010 Mw 4 central Brazil earthquake revisited. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 63,  323-333. PDF

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·          Quintero, R., J. Zahradník, and  E. Sokos (2014). Near-regional CMT and multiple-point source solution of the September 5, 2012, Nicoya, Costa Rica Mw 7.6 (GCMT) earthquake. Journal of South American Earth Sciences 55, 155-165.  PDF

·        Plicka, V., and J. Zahradnik (2014). Inverting full waveforms into 1D seismic velocity model of the upper crust by neighborhood algorithm - Corinth Gulf, Greece. Stud. Geophys. Geod. 58, 388--402, doi: 10.1007/s11200-013-0371-3. PDF

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2012 and before

·        Zahradník, J. and S. Custódio (2012). Moment tensor resolvability: Application to Southwest Iberia. Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., 102, 1235-1254. PDF

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·        Zahradnik, J., Gallovic, F.,  Sokos, E., and  Tselentis, G-A (2011). Preliminary slip model of M9 Tohoku earthquake from strong-motion stations in Japan - an extreme application of ISOLA code. Report to EMSC. http://www.emsc-csem.org/Files/event/211414/ISOLA_Report_tohoku.pdf

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Visits abroad:

·        Long: Soviet Union 1976, Peru 1982, Canada  1984, 1989, 1991

·        Short: Sweden, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Greece, Cuba



·        Member of the Scientific Council of the Geophys. Inst. Acad. Sci. Czech Rep. (1993-2001)

·        Member of the Institution Council of the Geophys. Inst. Acad. Sci. Czech Rep. (2008-2016)

·        Member of the Evaluation panel P210 of the Grant Agency of the Czech Rep. (2009-2013)

·        Member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (2005-2012)

·        Remote referee of the European Research Council (2007-2010)

·        Vice-President of the European Seismological Commission (2004-2006)

·        Associate Editor of the Journal of Seismology, Springer  (2002-2017)


Teaching in Prague:

·        In Prague 1970-2002: Introduction to geophysics. Internal constitution of the Earth. Numerical methods in geophysics. Seismology. Physics of the seismic source. Numerical prediction of earthquake ground motions. Physics of the Earth (for the Faculty of Science). Seismic seminar.

·        In Prague 2002-present: Seismology I and II, Seismic seminar


Teaching abroad:

·        Intensive course in Costa Rica on waveform inversion for 15 participants from Central and South America, (Sep. 3-9, 2011)  

·        Intensive course in Bogota – training in ISOLA software - for 16 students from Colombia (Sep 3 - Oct 4, 2013)

·        International training course in full waveform inversion for moment tensors and multiple source models (ISOLA code)’ for 21 participants from 7 countries of Latin America, Dec 2 to 11, 2013 – Brasília/Brazil

·        International training course  Teoría y práctica de inversión de ondas sísmicas para calcular el tensor de  momento, utilizando una versión actualizada de ISOLA’,  for 26 participants from 12 countries of Latin America, 13.-18.6.2016, Costa Rica



Research interests:

Numerical methods in seismic wave propagation (the finite-difference method). Seismic site effects, international blind prediction experiments. Seismic source parameter retrieval. Modeling finite-extent seismic sources. Strong-ground motion simulation. Operation of seismic stations and data analysis.

Research projects:

  • 1995-1998 NATO, GR-COAL project (leader of the Prague team)
  • 1997-1999 Inco-Copernicus ISMOD project (leader of the Prague team)
  • 2000-2003 EC project PRESAP (responsible for a work package and leader of the Prague team)
  • 2005-2006 EC project 3HAZ-CORINTH (leader of the Prague team)
  • 2003-2005 EC FP6 project MAGMA, Prague Centre of Mathematical Geophysics, Meteorology, and their Applications, (project coordinator)
  • A number of national projects of various grant agencies: GACR, GAUK, MSMT
  • 1997-present building seismic stations of the Charles University in Greece (in co-operation with the University of Patras)