c2c Meeting, Mariánské Lázně
November 15−17, 2010

Oral presentations

Nov 15 18:00 David Dolejš (Charles University Prague)
Geodynamic evolution of Central Europe
Nov 16 08:30 Wim Spakman (Utrecht University)
Subduction and absolute plate motion
Nov 16 09:30 Jeroen van Hunen (Durham University)
The dynamics of subduction throughout the Earth's history PDF
Nov 16 11:00 Susanne Buiter (Geological Survey of Norway)
The ingredients of numerical subduction models: How initial choices may affect the outcomes
Nov 17 08:30 Michael Ammann (University College London)
Diffusion in the lower mantle: constraing rheology from first principles
Nov 17 09:30 Jakub Velímský (Charles University Prague)
Electrical conductivity of the deep mantle PDF
Nov 17 11:00 Nicola Tosi (DLR Berlin)
Dynamical consequences of strongly depth-dependent thermodynamic and transport properties PDF
Nov 17 12:00 Henry Samuel (University of Bayreuth)
Mixing processes and mixing scales in the Earth's mantle

Poster presentations

Vladislav AleksandrovThe Schur complement method and solution of large-scale geophysical problems PDF
Adela Androvičová Numerical models of slab deformation in the upper mantle PDF
Marie Běhounková Slab deformation in the mid-mantle PDF
Zurab Chemia Thermal evolution of a litho-chemical subducting slab
Maria Chertova Modeling of self-consistent slab rollback dynamics using a composite rheology
Thomas Chust Influence of mineralogical thermodynamics on thermal structure of Earth's mantle
Nico de Koker Thermal conductivity of MgO periclase at high pressure: Implications for the D’’
Alexandra Guy Geophysical potential field data interpretations to study the mechanisms of the formation of the Central Asia Orogenic Belt coupled with geological complementary works PDF
Hana Karousová 3D models of the crust beneath the Bohemian Massif (Central Europe) from different seismic method
Petra Maierová Subducting slab with pressure- and temperature-dependent thermal properties PDF
Radka Matějková Seismic response to tectonic movements in the southern part of the Bird’s Head triple point
Shalaleh Mohammad Topography response to instantaneous mantle dynamics of the European-Mediterranean region
Helena Munzarová Fabrics of the litospheric mantle beneath the Nothern Apennines – first results on P-wave anisotropy from RETREAT experiment (Italy)
Gerd Steinle-Neumann Thermodynamics of iron melting to 100 GPa
Arie van den Berg Heterogeneous distribution of mineral phases and seismic velocity in the transition zone from convection modelling based on self-consistent thermodynamics PDF

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