Grant Agency of the Czech Republic

1993-1995: Non-traditional methods of numerical modeling of seismic waves (J. Zahradník)
1993-1995: Investigation of structure and processes in the Earth's mantle (O. Čadek)
1994-1996: Determination of precise regional geoid (Z. Martinec)
1995-1997: Accuracy and efficiency of direct and inverse seismic modeling (L. Klimeš)
1996-1998: Hybrid methods for assessing expected earthquake ground motions (J. Zahradník)
1996-1998: Modelling the dynamic processes in the Earth's mantle (O. Čadek)
1996-1998: Seismic processes and parameters of the upper crust medium in the West Bohemian earthquake swarm region (O. Novotný)
1997: UNIX implementation of the seismic packages MODEL and CRT UNIX (V. Bucha)
1997-1999: Exact gravimetric geoid: theoretical and numerical approaches (Z. Martinec)
1999-2001: Global modelling and geodynamic inversions (O. Čadek)
1999-2001: Recent geodynamics of western Bohemia and its connection to Earth's crustal structure (externally coordinated by J. Horálek, at Charles University by O. Novotný)
2000-2002: Viscoelastic deformation of the Earth (L. Hanyk)
2000-2002: Glacial relaxation of the Earth and mantle viscosity: 3D modelling (Z. Martinec)
2000-2002: Analysis and synthesis of earthquakes (J. Zahradník)
2000-2002: Three-dimensional heterogeneous (3-D) model of electrical conductivity distribution under European continent from the results of the analysis of long-period geomagnetic field variations (externally coordinated by O. Praus, at Charles University by Z. Martinec)
2001-2003: New trends in ray methods (L. Klimeš)
2001-2004: Construction of velocity models suitable for calculation of rays and for use in high-frequency asyptotic methods (P. Bulant)
2001-2004: Modelling of thermochemical convection in the Earth's mantle (H. Čížková)
2002-2004: Forward and inverse modelling in the mantle with laterally dependent viscosity (O. Čadek)
2002-2004: Complex geophysical research in the seismogenic western part of the bohemian massif (externally coordinated by J. Horálek, at Charles University by O. Novotný)
2003-2005: Seismic strong-ground motion modeling (J. Zahradník)
2003-2005: Glacial rebound of the Earth: The tool to determine lateral viscosity structure (Z. Martinec)
2003-2005: Deep geoelectrical model of laterally heterogeneous Earth, especially Europe, from the analysis of time variations of geomagnetic field and the theory of electromagnetic induction (externally coordinated by O. Praus, at Charles University by Z. Martinec)
2003-2005: Velocity model and shallow geological structure of the Moravo-Silesian region inferred from seismic observations (externally coordinated by K. Holub, at Charles University by O. Novotný)
2004-2006: New trends in ray methods - part 2 (L. Klimeš)
2004-2006: Modeling source parameters of strong earthquakes (V. Plicka - postdoc project)
2006-2008: Inference of the Earth's lateral viscosity structure from observations of the GRACE gravity missions, GPS and glacial isostatic adjustment (Z. Martinec)
2005-2007: Seismic waves in viscoelastic anisotropic media (externally coordinated by I. Pšenčík, at Charles University by V. Červený)
2006-2008: Electromagnetic induction and electric conductivity in Earth's interior: Global, continetal and regional 3D heterogeneous models (externally coordinated by O. Praus, at Charles University by Z. Martinec)
2007-2009: Rychlý odhad konečného zdroje. Quick Extended Source Solution (J. Zahradník, 205/07/0502)
2010-2012: Prohloubení fyzikálního pohledu na zemětřesení ve Středomoří. Improving physical insight into the Mediterranean earthquakes (J. Zahradník, P210/11/0854)

Grant Agency of the Charles University

1993-1995: Numerical speed-up of the seismic-wave modeling (J. Zahradník)
1994-1995: Computation of the first-arrival times of seismic waves in complex anisotropic media (L. Klimeš)
1994-1995: Seismic rays and synthetic ray-seismograms (V. Červený)
1995: Global model of the Moho topography and its application in determining the density distribution in the Earth (O. Čadek)
1995-1997: Modelling dynamics of the lithosphere and the mantle in regional scale (Z. Martinec)
1996-1998: Studying the relationship between the geoid and mantle processes (O. Čadek)
1997-1998: Modelling viscoelastic response of the Earth (L. Hanyk)
1997-1999: Modelling of the lithospheric subduction including realistic mantle parameters (H. Čížková)
1997-1999: Modelling mantle convection, accounting for seismic anisotropy (O. Čadek)
1997-1999: Eearthquake modelling in practice (J. Zahradník)
1998-2000: Computer simulations of non-linear planetary dynamics (C. Matyska)
2000-2002: Integration methods in modelling viscoelastic response of the Earth (L. Hanyk)
2000-2002: 3D modeling of seismic waves (I. Opršal)
2001-2003: Modelling global physical fields of the Earth's mantle and lithosphere (C. Matyska)
2001-2003: Ray chaos, Lyapunov exponents and models suitable for ray tracing (L. Klimeš)
2002-2003: Study of deformation of subducted lithospheric plates in models with non-linear rheology (H. Čížková)
2002-2003: Seismic waves in anisotropic media (P. Bulant)
2004-2005: Gaussian packet prestack depth migration (K. Žáček)
2004-2006: Deformation of subducted lithosphere in the Earth mantle (H. Čížková)
2005-2006: Hybrid kinematic modeling of the earthquake strong ground motions (F. Gallovič)
2009-2010: Ohniskový proces řeckých zemětřesení. Source process of earthquakes in Greece (D. Křížová, 14509)

Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences

1991-1992: Algorithms for numerical modelling of seismic wave fields in complex 3-D structures; the project co-ordinated at Academy of Sciences, by I. Pšenčík (L. Klimeš)
1993-1995: Seismic tomography and processing of refraction data (V. Bucha)
1996: Usage of the PEX graphic library PEX for 3-D visualization in seismology (V. Bucha)
1996-1998: Source parameters in local seismicity; the project co-ordinated at Academy of Sciences, by J. Šílený (J. Brokešová)
1997: Study of location methods of seismic hypocenters in 3-D laterally inhomogeneous models (V. Bucha)

Grants of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Czech Republic

1994: Integrated structural imaging of seismic data (V. Červený)
1995-1998: Development of a Methodology for Assessing Coal Reserves in Greece; support of the NATO project GR-COAL (J. Zahradník)
1997-1998: Integrated Strong Motion Modelling; support of the IncoCopernicus project ISMOD (J. Zahradník)
1997-1998: Constructing Major Earthquakes in Gulf of Corinth Greece; support of the IncoCopernicus project COME (J. Janský)
1997-1998: Optimalized decomposition of phase-space and computation of travel times and amplitudes of high-frequency waves (L. Klimeš)
1999-2001: Mass exchange between the upper and lower mantles: an estimate based on geoid inversion and convection modelling (Barrande 99006, co-ordinators: O. Čadek and L. Fleitout) (O. Čadek)
2000-2001: Understanding Earthquakes in Western Greece; support of the NATO Collaborative Linkage project (J. Zahradník)
2001: Encyclopedia of Life Supporting Systems, UNESCO. (O. Novotný, co-ordinator of the chapter "Geophysics and Geochemistry", ed. J. Laštovička, IFA AS CR)
2002-2004: Formation of planetary cores: Earth and Callisto, two different destinations (Barrande 2002/032, co-ordinators: O. Čadek and Y. Ricard) (O. Čadek)
2005-2007: Conductivity structure in the lithosphere and the Earth's mantle inferred from the satellite geomagnetic data (J. Velímský, guaranteed by C. Matyska)

Third-party projects

1993-1994: Fresnel-zone estimation and computation in 2-D and 3-D media, Elf Enterprise, project CA-5720 (V. Červený)
1994-2001: International consortium research project: "Seismic Waves in Complex 3-D Structures" (V. Červený)
1999-2001: Determination of seismic focal mechanisms in Ostrava coal mines; the project co-ordinated at Academy of Sciences, by V. Rudajev (J. Janský)

International grants

1993-1996: Modelling, Inversion and Large-Scale Computations in Geophysics, Czechoslovak-US Science and Technology Program supported by the US and Czech goverments (principal investigator C. Matyska, US partner D. A. Yuen)
1994-1995: Structural imaging of seismic wave fields by dynamic ray tracing; EC project JOU2-CT92-0099, co-ordinated by J. Jacobs (V. Červený)
1995-1996: Improving Assessment of Seismic Site-effects at Underground Nuclear Waste Storages; NATO Linkage grant, co-ordinated by F. Hron, Edmonton, Canada (J. Zahradník)
1995-1998: Development of a Methodology for Assessing Coal Reserves Employing Surface and Borehole Seismic Techniques; NATO for Stability, GR-COAL, co-ordinated by G-A. Tselentis, Patras, Greece (J. Zahradník)
1997-1999: Constructing Major Earthquakes: Microearthquake Ruptures and Green´s Functions in the Western Gulf of Corinth Greece; EC IncoCopernicus, COME, co-ordinated by G-A. Tselentis, Patras, Greece (J. Janský)
1997-1998: Development of the methods for interpreting surface-wave observations; CNPq, Brazil (O. Novotný)
1997-1999: Towards an Integrated Strong Motion Modelling: Comparison of Source Path and Site Effects on the Example of EUROSEISTEST Data; EC IncoCopernicus, ISMOD, co-ordinated by P.-Y. Bard, Grenoble, France (J. Zahradník)
1997-2000: Precise geoid determination, NATO Collaborative Linkage grant, co-ordinated by P. Vaníček, University of New Brunswick, Canada (Z. Martinec)
1998-1999: Dispersion and amplitudes of surface and channel waves of the Rayleigh type; CNPq, Brazil (O. Novotný)
1999: Selected problems of the theory of seismic waves; CAPES, Ministerio de Educacao e Cultura, Brazil (O. Novotný)
2000-2001: Understanding Earthquakes in Western Greece; NATO Collaborative Linkage grant, co-ordinated by G-A. Tselentis, Patras, Greece (J. Zahradník)
2000-2002: Large-scale computatioanal and visualization problems in geophysics; NATO Collaborative Linkage grant, co-ordinated by D. Yuen, Minnessota, USA (C. Matyska)
2000-2003: Towards Practical, Real-time Estimation of Spatial Aftershocks Probabilities: a Feasibility Study in Earthquake Hazard; EC 5th framework EESD, PRESAP, co-ordinated by J. McCloskey, University of Ulster (J. Zahradník)
2003-2005: Mathematical geophysics, meteorology and their applications; MAGMA, EC 5th framework, EVG3-CT-2002-80006 (J. Zahradník)
2004-2006: Earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides in the Corinth rift, Greece; 3HAZ-CORINTH; STREP of the EC 6th framework, 004043 (SSPI), (P.Bernard, IPGP Paris; J. Zahradník)
2004-2007: Seismic wave propagation and imaging in complex media: a European network; SPICE; Marie Curie RTN of the EC 6th framework, MRTN-CT-2003-504267 (H. Igel, LMU Munich; J. Brokešová)
2005-2009: Induced microseismics applications from global earthquake studies; IMAGES; Marie Curie TOK of the EC 6th framework, MTKI-CT-2004-517242 (L. Eisner, Schlumberger Cambridge Research; L. Klimeš)
2005-2007: A study of electrical conductivity in the Earth's crust and mantle using satellite-borne geomagnetic data, Czech Republic-Helenic Republic joint project (E. Konstantinos, University of Athens; Z. Martinec)
2005-2007: Shaking scenarios and damage testification in priority and/or strategic areas of interest. Italian Civil Defence Department (F. Pacor, INGV Milan; A. Emolo, University Federico II Naples; J. Brokešová)
2007-2010: Crust to core: the fate of subducted material; c2c; Marie Curie RTN of the EC 6th framework, MRTN-CT-2006-035957 (G. Steinle-Neumann, University Bayreuth; O. Čadek)