Dr. Vladimír Plicka

Department of Geophysics
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Charles University, Prague
Mail address: KG MFF UK, Ke Karlovu 3, 121 16 Praha 2, Czech Republic
Phone: (+420) 221 911 424
FAX: (+420) 221 911 214
E-mail: vp(at)karel.troja.mff.cuni.cz

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Fortran and Matlab codes

Empirical Green’s function (EGF) method to calculate Apparent Source Time Functions (ASTFs)

A Fortran code and Gnuplot graphics scripts are available to perform the inversion and to automatically visualize the results.

Method published in: V. Plicka, F. Gallovic, J. Zahradník, A. Serpetsidaki, E. Sokos, N. Vavlas, A. Kiratzi (2022). The 2022 Samos Mw7 earthquake: Source model depicting complexity and rupture directivity, Tectonophysics 843, 229591, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tecto.2022.229591. PDF PDF-Suppl

Matlab GUI tool for 3D plotting of two fault planes based on their azimuth and dip and possition in the space.

The code can shows the geological faults and coastline borders (file in GMT format) and files with aftershock distribution and NonLinLoc uncertainty.
More info in README file.
Tested under Matlab2018.

3D model -> 1D path specific crustal model, Matlab tool

This routine generates 1D model specific for a chosen profile from 3D model of Halpaap et al. 2018.
Tested under MatlabR2021a.


List of all publications:

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